Fearlessness, Risk, Courage and Stupidity

On Risks

Risk is much different from stupidity.

Risk is not much calculated.

Have courage. Fearlessness. When life gets boring take some risks.

The pleasure that we get in brain in taking risks is sometimes worth the reward itself.

Our brain wants to be courageous. It does not want to remain without any courage or in constant fear of every little or big thing happening around.

Having courage sometimes means having the confidence in oneself to not be affected.

Courage is very different from stupidity.

Courage may not be easy at first but if you time it right. It can mean a lot.

I just got reminded of this when I heard the sound of a motorcycle speeding through the road. It reminded me of the time when I had go-karted and when I was in the 4x4 drive.

It truly reminds me of power.

Risk is associated with power.

Take risks. Life is nothing much without taking risks.

Life is bound to become monotonous if all you do is stay in your comfort zone.

Risks are closely associated with goals. Without a goal, a risk is as lame as a stupid behaviour. And without risks taken, any goal accomplished would not feel worth achieving.