HungerTorrent : Food delivery system

Introduction to HungerTorrent

HungerTorrent is a social food delivery system for easy delivery especially in remote areas operating at IIT Hyderabad.

We delivered food to IITH students and the food was delivered by the students of college itself who went to the city on their own. We then asked them to bring our orders from restaurants and in return they got heavily paid for the delivery.


The food problem at ODF, IITH is quite genuine. Students do complain a lot about food here ( they still do ) but there was not enough demand for the food at any given day. Complainers complain, we tried to solve the problem.


We had our FB page at

We setup the website at ( Cheap Domain :P )

We started the program, a day after we attended AugustFest

Now the static website has been hosted at

The team consisted of 5 people.

Team : Vibhas Goyal, Aashish Patole, Aditya Rathi, Mudit Gupta, Safwan Mahmood 

For the first few days, we delivered food at an approx. delivery cost of Rs. 30/- per food item.

We took orders from Subway, Mughal and Dominos. The program was successful in 800 series of ODF Hostels. :P

And then the orders declined, excitement was over, our motivation went down, focus dissipated and soon it reached its end in Early December 2015.

Things that well..

  1. We followed Lean Startup methodology and it seemed to work.
  2. We gained our first experience in Entrepreneurship.
  3. We followed up on our idea and actually tested it.
  4. Gain in confidence. Often people fear of becoming a salesman but we embraced a salesman mindset.
  5. Maybe next time we won’t have the same mistakes. :)

Mistakes and Failures

  1. Team size was too large. 5 co-founders is a situation which you generally should avoid unless you are the twitter guys. Poor teamwork was a consequence.
  2. Less motivation. We lost motivation easily
  3. No Leader. I should have taken the lead but I chickened out too easily.
  4. Slow progress. We progressed very slowly due to exams and stuff.


I really wish the best to the team who tried their level best to run this operation. Those sweat will never be forgotten and lessons were learned.

We faced harsh reality and truths for which I really must congratulate the team. To those young people who solve, rather than whine about their problems.

Cheers for HungerTorrent. 💥 👊


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