Focus: X divided by infinity is zero

A small and relatively simple concept that I have learned over the last 2 years is this.

Effort or time divided into many different , unrelated areas of focus would result in a very small output where as concentrated efforts would lead to more and more output.

If a person, puts his effort into many unrelated fields, it leads to a constant state of unhappiness and confusion.

If a business sells many different varieties of products, it might find difficulty in selling their products under the same brand.

Similarly, if a person consumes various kind of news simultaneously, it leads to zero output or newer forms of understanding.

This is the exact reason why I believe that newspaper and social media overall are of net zero value to the reader if he decides to read all of it.

Too much information could cause confusion?

Learning to extract the kind of information you need is your responsibility.

If you do not decide to choose your own information stream, do expect others to decide it for you ( some kind of silly mainstream media or news ). And it might not be good for you.

Too much information spread over various topics = Zero value.

Deciding on what you want to do is important for the same.