The Great Branch of Engineering Science at IITH

Hi, I am Vibhas, studying Engineering Science at IITH ( 2014 batch ). So let me introduce you to our branch.

( I am writing this down here as some of the content on official website has not been updated yet )

No other IIT has it like ours.

Although I am not going to declare it the best branch ever. But it’s quite close to that.

B.Tech. in Engineering Science, at IIT Hyderabad, is a unique program offered in India for the first time.

It completely opens the doors to different specializations and provides a holistic engineering education.

The basic structure is as follows:

For the first 2 years (4 semesters) the student does basic courses in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and different fields of engineering.

In the last 2 years (4 semesters) the student can then choose any of the given specializations :

The students of above program will have a degree of : B.Tech in Engineering Science ( 4 Years )

The above program is available to all students of ES regardless of the cap in their desired specialization.

This is the first program that caters to what is often referred to as the “T Education”. The horizontal line in ‘T’ corresponds to an education giving breadth, while the vertical line in ‘T’ corresponds to an education giving depth. The new Engineering Science Program achieves breadth as well as depth.

So the cap in a specialization is 25%.

Yes it is not 20% but 25% as I clarified about it from the faculty. ( official website has mentioned it wrong and I have asked the faculty to update it )

It means that out of the 25 seats in ES, no more than 6 students can move into a given branch / specialization ( mainly for CS and EE ) .

This was done to prevent “backdoor entry” of students. Whatever the hell that means.

In short it is there to prevent misuse of the branch to gain entry to just CS and ditch your efforts to explore other branch.

Of-course I am against this cap as in someways it destroys the purpose of our branch.

As of the 2014 batch :

6 Students went for CS Specialization

6 Students went for EE specialization

1 Student went for Mech specialization

1 Student went for Civil specialization

and 10 students chose ES 4 years.

You will then be awarded with a 4 Year degree of ES.

It has a very good curriculum and allows you to take many free-electives.

More the number of free-electives you have in a curriculum, higher is your choice of field.

ES 4 year has the most number of free-electives ( almost every course is a free-elective ), essentially making it less “riskier” to go for a 4 years degree as you will still end up in studying subjects that you like.

I have attached the es_4year_curriculum here.

An IITian is way ahead of it’s peers when it comes to Campus placements and internship opportunities.

ES because of it’s unique structure fits a highly desirable description for various job requirements.

I will also openly admit that CS has the best placements.

It’s the trend in job placements. Rest of the branches simply have to deal with it. If you are looking to get placed. Blindfoldedly go for a CS branch or a branch closely linked to it.

Other branches have better opportunities after a post-graduate degree.

In terms of just placements at IITH the order that is clearly observed is

CS > ES > EE > Mech > Civil / Chemical

Also I am not counting EP and MSME because they have not held a placement season yet.

The reason for such a trend might be the career market itself. Just look at the evolving technology around you.

Also to note is that most of the placements that take place are usually in non-core jobs.

Meaning they don’t hire you because of your degree, rather the companies will hire you for your skills.

So suppose you are into Coding, Marketing, Graphic Designing, Web Development or any other income generating skill, you will be way better off in placements than a guy with just a good degree to his name. The one reason ES guys get well placed than other branches is because of their skills. Whether it be Coding , Marketing or Designing.

I am not against a core job in other degrees like Mechanical , Electrical but they are “rare” to begin with, as there is less demand for fresh recruits in these jobs.

If you have a specific passion towards a branch ==> GO FOR IT

Personally I just wanted to choose a career where there were good placements, thus I chose ES. Also IITH has a very good placement record. And because of Hyderabad, which is also a startup destination and a hub for great jobs ( Google , Amazon , Flipkart ), it became quite a better choice over CS in other cities like Ropar, Guwahati or BHU.

Also internships are abundantly available to an IITian in Hyderabad. Companies like Google, Amazon often take interns from IITH.

The highest offcampus placement till now of ES branch has been of Rs. 1.2 Crore when the first placement season of ES took place this year.

With more skilled and ambitious people coming to IITH, we hope the record is broken soon.

ES people are the most passionate people in the college with their work. And are into many, many roles apart from a okayish academics.

Just have a look at where all the college activities are going! Our current 2014 batch has Head of Alumni Affairs ( KrishnaKant ),  Head of Sunshine ( Radhika ) , Head of E-Cell ( Me ) , 2 Managers of nvision ( Niranjan , Mudit ) , Alumni Secretary ( Safwan ) , E-Cell Manager ( Aditya ) , Members of TEDx Club ( Vipul, Vishal ) , Head of EML Club ( Rohan ) and the list goes on and on!

ES students have the most fun among all other branches. ES people are the most exciting and happening people in the campus. After all we get to sit with every branch and who knows it better than ES people :D

Most ES students have an entrepreneurial spirit in them! I believe it is because of the inherent tendency in them to take a calculated risk for a greater reward :)

Like me, students of Engineering Science are often very excited to write about it. Here are some of the important links that you might visit:

ES Website :

Quora :

ES is a well-recognized international branch and thus in my opinion most of the students won’t face any problems when applying for a post-graduation degree in a foreign university regardless of their specializations.

University of Toronto

University of Auckland

– PennState College of Engineering

– University of Oxford

– Berkely Engineering

Do visit the website for other official details that you might wish to know about ES.

Brochure of Engineering Science at IITH 

The brochure of ES is available to download at

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