A Business is like a Farm : The Farm Analogy

A business is just like a farm.

Infact farming is a business that is easy for most people to understand.

You have to take care of it everyday.

You have to do the hustle and reach out to your customers.

You need land for your farm ( Initial Investments )

You hire employees to take care of your farm.

You have to regularly water it.

You have to take out the weeds.

You need to know the market demands.

You need to know when it is time to harvest your farm.

You celebrate a good harvest like a festival.

You need to be prepared for emergencies too.

You will sometimes have to bootstrap your own resources and learn to manage your expenses.

You also do side hustle that helps you in farming ( poultry )

You must also be aware of your competition.

You must learn to maintain supplies and cash flow.

Working on your own farm will result in more income than working in other’s farm.

You must learn to keep valuable employees employed to your farm.

You must invest in the latest technology to stay ahead.

You may live near your farm to have a better watch over it.

You must buy pesticides, high yielding seeds, machinery for a better produce.

You must also know when to buy these things, for early high investment may lead to lots of debt.

You will have to protect it from wild animals ( the crazy customers ) and learn to deal with them.

For more profits, you must learn to create a brand for your farm.

You can market it like “Organic Produce” when you are not able to afford pesticides.

Simple marketing strategies like the above would come more naturally to you when you are aware of the marketplace.

At some point, you must start acquiring other farms.

Building value to your customer takes time and effort.

The crops won’t grow in a day, no matter how much effort you put into it.

You must become comfortable with uncertainties in your harvest.

You should be educated enough about your farm to know where to grow what seed and how to grow it.

If not experienced, you must not be afraid to seek help or information from other farmers.

If you do finally achieve success, you might help other farmers to achieve it too.