Favourite Content

This page is a collection of all my favourite content creators from other websites which I wish to bookmark here.

I also regularly tweet about the content that I consume online and that I believe would help others under the hastag #TwitterBookmarking.

In a way this is my personal awesome list of internet content creators ( List not in any order of preference).

Philosophy / Psychology

  1. Jordan B Peterson (YT Channel & Website)
  2. The Rational Male
  3. Illimitable Men
  4. Farnam Street Blog
  5. Ed Latimore
  6. Illacertus YT Channel
  7. TED-Ed
  8. FightMediocrity


  1. Valutainment & Patrick Bet David
  2. WallStreetPlayboys


  1. MKBHD
  2. Linus Tech Tips
  3. Dave2D
  4. Google Developers Youtube
  5. Hacker News


  1. Athlean-X Youtube Channel
  2. [Alexander Juan Cortes]
  3. PictureFit
  4. ASAPScience


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