Hi, I am Vigo (Vibhas Goyal).

I am currently studying at IIT Hyderabad, B.Tech in Engineering Science and Computer Science ( 2014 - 2018 ).

This is the about page and for me, this page can be considered as one of the most difficult page to write because it involves writing about my objective self.

Thus I would begin my introduction with some of the facts related to me.

I wish to become an entrepreneur and start my own profitable and scalable business. I am a harcore capitalist and read a lot of capitalist content. Something that comes naturally to me as a Baniya who are especially known for their knack of entrepreneurship in Indian Community.

I like to read a lot. I shamelessly accept that I consume a lot of content both online and offline. I love reading books. I love watching interviews. I like listening to podcasts and good music. Thus I really consume a lot of information. I know for a fact that I consume a lot of content than what I produce. (Which in many ways is a good problem to have, all thanks to the Information Age in which we live.)

I like to code. I am interested in contributing to the fields of Software Development, Blockchain and Distributed Computing. I am highly interested in Technology ( Old as well as Upcoming ), whether Gadgets, Softwares, Games and Business Applications. I love the fact that Technology has enabled us to create great leverages that can be used to improvise our effeciency, productivity and quality of life in general.

Also I am quite introverted. I love talking to people that I have made acquintance with, but many times I prefer to be alone thinking about my activities, thoughts, reading, coding or simply being in the flow of a single minded activity.

And finally I like to write. I like to express my opinions that I consider to be true and important in writing which I prefer over speaking because it allows me to edit my thoughts and look at it objectively and then improvise upon it to remove any misunderstanding that it may cause. Also thoughts written in writing have often guided me in making better decisions in the past and serves as a great collection of ideas and viewpoints.

I truly hope that you may get some practical information from this website that help you and that is my mission regarding this website.