Power is the most precious form of energy. A place where it means it all. Respect, Pride, Intelligence, Wisdom, Influence Wealth, Work, Time, Health, Energy. Almost everything ( 99.9999 % ) of what we humans do is associated with it in one way or another. Indeed it is a tool of gods. The one that we all worship. Without power, people are depressed. And for a very good reason. Flow of Power All flow of power is internal first for humans, only then it manifests itself around them.

Fearlessness, Risk, Courage and Stupidity

On Risks Risk is much different from stupidity. Risk is not much calculated. Have courage. Fearlessness. When life gets boring take some risks. The pleasure that we get in brain in taking risks is sometimes worth the reward itself. Our brain wants to be courageous. It does not want to remain without any courage or in constant fear of every little or big thing happening around. Having courage sometimes means having the confidence in oneself to not be affected.

Joe Rogan on AI With Lex Fridman

I has been a while since I have got myself engaged into a podcast this heavy and deep and especially relevant to me. At the end of it, I was not able to believe myself that I just saw a 3 hour video with my whole mind engaged into it throughout the thing. The discussion here has been really awesome and mind opening. For we as a society, have an entirely new tech going to come which is AI.

Notes on Communication

As I was watching Ajay Banga’s interview and Ayn Rand’s interview today (videos embedded at the end of article), I realized something that should be considered very important :

They were very good at expressing their views and opinions. They were good at communicating effectively. They were communicating as effectively as they could to avoid any misunderstanding.

Steve Blank's Podcast Interview

Interesting Podcasts by Steve Blank. Please listen if you are interested to learn about Entrepreneurship.

Speed vs Velocity : My Personal Experience

Hi, I recently read an article by Shane Parrish of the Farnam Street Blog that mentioned the importance of choosing velocity over speed. This post actually was a nice idea and I really felt that something more could be learnt from it. I would highly recommend you to read the article linked below [Speed vs Velocity] (https://www.fs.blog/2018/03/speed-velocity/) I have had my own share of personal experience with this analysis of focus and would like to share it.

The Hardest Thing Ever

The hardest thing ever is to never forget your why. the harder thing is to not get distracted. Why are you doing what you doing? And for what , for whom. This is hard. Other noises of your environment will make you move away from that. Because they don’t care for your why. There is nothing that they will gain from it. Cheers 😃

Doing Things That Matter

All of us are given approximately the same time. Then why do some people tend to deliver better results than others? Simply because they do things that matter the most to them and ignore the rest. Not everything in life matters equally. Not every decision matters equally. To-do list is often a lie. Some tasks are more important than others.

Focus: X divided by infinity is zero

A small and relatively simple concept that I have learned over the last 2 years is this. Effort or time divided into many different , unrelated areas of focus would result in a very small output where as concentrated efforts would lead to more and more output. If a person, puts his effort into many unrelated fields, it leads to a constant state of unhappiness and confusion. If a business sells many different varieties of products, it might find difficulty in selling their products under the same brand.

Case Studies with the Biz Doc, Mr. Thomas Ellsworth

Mr. Thomas Ellsworth is awesome. I love the content that he produces and I eagerly wait every Friday for him to upload his videos on my favourite YouTube channel Valuetainment. The lessons that one can get from his case studies are extremely helpful. The whole of Valuetainment is a gold mine for any entrepreneur and would recommend anyone to watch some of their content even if they are not an entrepreneur.

Business Lesson: Employee Equity

Business Lesson : Pay equity to employees more than investor. First of all, I will start that I got to learn many things yesterday about equity. Investors are important. ( Maybe ) but they are not active in the business. Hence it makes more sense to pay equity to employees as a startup. Of-course both investors and employees and all the stakeholders ( shareholders ) must be vested. Vesting is an important contract.

Cost Leadership, Differentiation and Profit Models

So Today morning , All I had to do was attend class. This class was taught to us ( Minor in Entrepreneurship ) by Srini Addepalli ( Founder, GlobalGyan) I really enjoyed his teachings and found them to be very useful. Here I would like to share some of my notes with you. Cost Leadership : The company reduces the cost of the product while selling the product at the average price.

A Business is like a Farm : The Farm Analogy

A business is just like a farm. Infact farming is a business that is easy for most people to understand. You have to take care of it everyday. You have to do the hustle and reach out to your customers. You need land for your farm ( Initial Investments ) You hire employees to take care of your farm. You have to regularly water it. You have to take out the weeds.

The Great Branch of Engineering Science at IITH

Hi, I am Vibhas, studying Engineering Science at IITH ( 2014 batch ). So let me introduce you to our branch. ( I am writing this down here as some of the content on official website has not been updated yet ) No other IIT has it like ours. Although I am not going to declare it the best branch ever. But it’s quite close to that. B.Tech. in Engineering Science, at IIT Hyderabad,is a unique program offered in India for the first time.

HungerTorrent : Food delivery system

We delivered food to IITH students and the food was delivered by the students of college itself who went to the city on their own. We then asked them to bring our orders from restaurants and in return they got heavily paid for the delivery. We setup the website at hungertorrent.xyz ( Cheap Domain :P ) We started the program, a day after we attended AugustFest Now the static website has been hosted at http://hungertorrent.


Please download my resume from here : Resume


Hi, I am Vigo (Vibhas Goyal). I am currently studying at IIT Hyderabad, B.Tech in Engineering Science and Computer Science ( 2014 - 2018 ). This is the about page and for me, this page can be considered as one of the most difficult page to write because it involves writing about my objective self. Thus I would begin my introduction with some of the facts related to me. I wish to become an entrepreneur and start my own profitable and scalable business.